Test Space and Con Artist Present: ISO 216

ISO 216 was a collaboration between street artists from New York and London. Named in honour of the world’s most common paper size ratio ISO 216 featured ten Con Artist members and ten artists from the Test Space Gallery in London. Each artist exhibited two pieces in galleries in London and New York to create simultaneous expositions on either side of the pond.

The two shows will opened concurrently on April 2nd with a live broadcast of each opening projected at the other opening to create a shared experience.

London Artists: Benjamin Murphy // Captain Kris // Stedhead // The Real Dill // Donk // Curse273 // International Nobody // Lucy Sparrow // Ferres // Dirty Rotten Bleeder

New York Artists: Lady Millard // Rachael Senchoway // Patrick Grelewski // Liaizon Wakest // Chris Mendoza // Dean Millien // IKRT // Angela Viens // Meghan Borah // Roycer

Outcomes: Outcomes: Event Management // Venue
Management // Exhibition Curation // Live Art

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ISO 216 flyer (1)